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The Well Los Osos Joshua and Marina Nash

Joshua grew up on California’s Central Coast and has been a part of The Well since he was nine years old, undergoing many life-changing encounters with Jesus as a child and young adult.  After studying in the Master’s Commission program and halfway to completing his religious Studies degree at Regent University, Joshua met and married his wife Marina, who had also grown up on the Central Coast.  They now have two beautiful children, Jubilee and Isaiah.  After ten years of serving as a youth pastor, Joshua took the role of The Well’s lead pastor in 2015, and has continued to expand atop the foundation built by his parents, Randy and Anne Nash, ever since.

Joshua and Marina have a passion to help people encounter Jesus and make Him the whole focus of their everyday lives.  They love investing in children, youth, and young families, and also carrying a deep appreciation for older and more seasoned generations.  Joshua brings to The Well a focused dedication to Biblical teaching and to the linking of everything back to Jesus Christ and the grace He poured out at the Cross.  Joshua and Marina’s love for Jesus follows them throughout their various passions and spheres of influence, including family life, friendship building, spiritual community, education, business, outdoor exploration, and health and fitness. 

The Well Los Osos Randy and Anne Nash

Born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee, Randy Nash was born again by his sophomore year of high school during a Young Life weekend retreat; feeling trapped in a spiritual and moral rut over the next several years, he moved to San Jose, California, where he soon became involved with the Navigators at San Jose State University.  Randy joined both the university (where he graduated in 1979 with a B.S. in social science) and South Hills Community Church (where he led a college ministry during his final year there).  He married his college sweetheart, Anne Watson, in 1981, and four years later acquired a Th.M. from Dallas Seminary.  In the fall of 1986, Randy and Anne departed to minister in Hong Kong with the Overseas Missionary Fellowship, not returning until 1990.  After a refocusing season in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, Randy began his ministry as senior pastor of Los Osos Christian Fellowship in 1994.

Randy spent over a decade helping to lead the pastors’ fellowship in our region, and still serves as the church’s associate pastor, though his son Joshua stepped into the role of lead pastor in 2015.  Randy and Anne currently have six precious grandchildren (three from Joshua and Marina and three from Randy and Anne’s daughter, Caroline, and her husband Brent, who are also both avidly involved at The Well).

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