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The Well Los Osos children's ministry

We believe in children.  It is one of our greatest privileges to have children as a part of The Well's spiritual family; we don't consider children to be second-class and we don't believe in a "junior Holy Spirit."  Following the example of Jesus Himself, we pursue a church model that incorporates children into everything we do — we love seeing our wonderful kids encountering Jesus, building healthy friendships, and being equipped to fulfill their lives' destinies.

The core purpose of The Well’s Children’s Ministry is to create a place for children to know Jesus.

Our vision is for our children to know Jesus personally and to walk in the purpose He created them for.   We achieve this through partnering with parents, integrating our adult church service's messages into our children's lessons, and teaching a Biblical kingdom foundation that shows our children how to live missionally and supernaturally.

The Well Los Osos children's ministry


In the Nursery, we create a safe and welcoming place for babies and young toddlers (0–2 years old) to become familiar with the love of Jesus. 


In the Kingdom Kids class, we implement Bible stories, hands-on activities, and lots of love to help young children (2–6 years old) learn about God.


In the World Changers class, we facilitate an experience for older children (1st–6th grade) to dive deeper into their relationship with Jesus and be mentored as those who will impact the world with Him!

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