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The Well Los Osos Joshua and Randy Nash

In 1993, Randy Nash dumped a handful of rocks from Morro Bay, California, on his nine-year-old son Joshua's floor in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Randy had just interviewed for the pastoral position of what had formerly been the Los Osos Vineyard church, and now he was sharing the news with his family that they would be moving across the country to start a new adventure in Los Osos, California.

Arriving in their new home and welcomed by their new church family, they found an environment already steeped in a rich heritage of spiritual encounters and deep worship.  Randy brought with him a fresh passion for the Bible and a love for cities, launching Los Osos Christian Fellowship’s next twenty-two years of missional-minded ministry.  Randy led with a passion to help families and build a multi-generational spiritual community.

In 2015, Randy’s son Joshua joined the senior leadership team and became the lead Pastor.  Joshua brought fresh energy and vision to narrow and re-focus the Church’s mission.  The church’s name was changed to The Well, which reflected the new mission statement — Digging the Well, Preaching the Gospel, and Equipping People.  With fresh strategies and a laser-focused mission, The Well is truly a community of people encountering Jesus.

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